Release Name: [PC.Game].Sonic.and.Knuckles.Collection.[WinALL]-MDashK

Filename: Sonic and Knuckles Collection Setup.exe

Description: Couple of years ago I had lots of research trying to get my hands on a copy of this little 
	     game here. This is a classic of the Mega Drive for PC. And every Sonic fan should have it.
	     Well, some months had passed and finally a brazilian friend of mine was able to ZIP the game
	     and share it with me using MSN Messenger.
	     Nowadays, it's not that easy to get the ISO of the game.
	     The ISO features a special screensaver and all.
	     But back then, all I wanted was the game itself.
	     So, for all those who can't seem to find the game, or don't want to download the ISO and
	     want something simple, fast and small, here it is. A Full Setup, created by me, with all
	     the entries the game uses and all the files needed. Just download, install and have fun.

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