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Here's the music creations from our newest member



On 12 August 2012 I got in touch with Strikker and due to personal reasons, he's stepping out of MixWaves.

His section will continue to be available here and the tracks will be available to download too.

Maybe someday we will return to MW, who knows, he will always be welcomed.





01. Melodic World

Zelda: Dark World - Dark World music arrangement from Zelda.

02. Melodic World Prototype

Zelda: Dark World - Prototype of the music arrangement "Melodic World".

03. AVGN - Strikker Edition

Angry Video Game Nerd music theme. Strikker Edition version. Tribute.

04. Tribal Fury

Super Smash Bross Brawl - Waiting Room music arrangement.

05. Little Chaos

Sonic & Knuckles - Mini-Boss music arrangement.

06. Green Islands

Sonic 1 8-bit - Green Hill Zone music arrangement.

07. Bossy Wossy

Super Mario Bros. 2 - Boss music arrangement.

08. Bossing Around The Chaos

Sonic Chaos - Boss music arrangement.

09. Tribal Runaway

Sonic Adventure 2 - Won't Stop, Just Go! Remix from Green Forest BGM.

10. Beware of Unknown




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