Last Update in 18 July 2022.
Sonic 1 MW
Play Sonic 1 with AST Soundtrack



Game Information

  You want to play Sonic 1 listening to our AST tracks? You've come to the right place.
  Here, we feature a full setup of the game with our AST tracks. Just download, install and play!
  Be shure to, after installing the game, RUN THE HowTo PROGRAM TO KNOW HOW TO LISTEN TO OUR TRACKS WHILE PLAYING!

How To Use

  This information is also featured in the HowTo.exe that's installed with the game.
  1. Load the game using the Launcher.
  2. Click on Start Game to play.
  3. After the launcher loads the game, the following message will appear:
     Now, click with the mouse's RIGHT BUTTON. A new menu will show up.
  4. In this menu, select: File > Load SegaCD Image.
  5. In the DATA folder, select the Tracks.cue file and open.
  6. After opening this file, the white SEGA screen will show up.
  7. Done. =) The game is now playing the AST in-game.


 Q: I clicked in the Start Game button, but the game didn't show up.
 A: Sometimes, for unknown reason, the game will load in minimized state.
    Click on it's tab and it will go fullscreen to play.

 Q: How do I exit the game?
 A: You're in fullscreen while playing the game, so the ESC key is your exit button.

Special Thanks

 * This game is Powered by KEGA, so Special Thanks To Steve Snake for his excelent emulator.
 * Special Thanks To Team Evanesco for they're excelent work on the Sonic1Mode1 (Sonic 1 with Redbook Audio) hack that this game utilizes.



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