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Started September 2006, MixWaves is composed by 3 members:
MDashK (a.k.a. Dash or DJ M Dash) creator of the team, Zeru (his best friend, no longer a member), Erik JS (a big brasilian friend) and Strikker (a good friend from tha internetz!).
Together in team, our objective is to simply create music.


Current Members: MDashK.

Former Members: Zeru, Strikker, ErikJS.


MDashK initially concentrated in creating music based in samples, constructing Dance and Techno mixes. In the moment, he's focused in two big projects, where one is to create musics from scratch, using a sample style construction based on his own build samples and the other is to create arranged versions of already existing music from the 8-bit and 16-bit video-games era. Is style is Dance and Techno.


Favorite songs, musics and artists include (in no particular order):

Jamiroquai, Limp Biskit, The Prodigy, Rammstein, The Crystal Method, Fear Factory, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Antix, Bentley Jones, Billy Idol, Clazziquai, Crush 40, Remix Factory, NightWish, Linkin Park, Disturbed, The Offspring, Daft Punk, Dead By Sunrise, Dragonforce, Eiffel 65, Gorillaz, Men At Work, Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, Roxette, Savage Garden, Powerman 5000, Electrasy, The Urge, Sonic Waves, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Sound Online, Key Sounds Label, Tsukasa, Jun Senoue, Laurent Wolf, Julien-K, Scooter, David Guetta, ESTi, Ruby Tuesday, M2U, Croove, NieN, Electronic Boutique, DJ Mocha, Forte Escape and more...

His influence in several video-games is also heavily relevant. Here are some (again, in no particular order):

Sonic The Hedgehog, Daytona USA 2, Jet Set Radio (Future), Persona 3, Phantasy Star Online, F-Zero, Castlevania, After Burner Climax, DJMAX, Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 in the USA), Resident Evil (specially 4, 5 and the movies), Ridge Racer 6, Devil May Cry 4, Scud Race, Sega Rally, Test Drive 6, Pokémon, King of Fighters and more...


Zeru is the "guy that's far away". Is activity wasn't much, as he only reconstructed one music based in pre-made samples. Is style is also Dance and Techno.
In 16 October 2007, Zeru decided to leave the team, since his personal life didn't give him any time to make musics.



Erik JS is the one that has a more mixture of preferences. He likes to grab already composed musics (MIDI) e arrange them to sound like real MP3 files.

He doesn't have any fixed style, since his musics are all variable. So far, most of his musics are based in Sonic The Hedgehog tunes.



Strikker is the newest and youngest of the team. Joined the team in September 2008, expect great achievements from him and his swirly and interesting tunes.

Due to personal reasons, he decided to step out of MW on 11 August 2012. He will always be welcomed.



23 November 2009:

By the end of September of 2009, when MixWaves made 3 years of existance, MDashK deliberated about the decision of closing the team, since he lost his Internet connection access and pretty much contact with everybody... There's been some months that none of the members have contact between each other, and MDashK is the only one in the head able to update the website. After much thoughts, he decided not to close the website.

Also, the webserver that used to host MW,, was about to shut down free hosting, so MDashK decided it was time to move on into somewhere else. So, was his choice. In times, before MW was born, MDashK used to have some websites in (now and the service was always good. So he decided to give it a shot, and so far, no complains for the service.

Since the MP3 files take up much space, free service is not able to handle that GBs of size. So 4shared, one of the greatest file sharing communities was a good choice. Free account with up to 10GB and good download speeds, these where the Pros that invited MDashK to host all MP3 files in 4shared.

Has of now (November 2009), MDashK has been converting and porting MW website from code to code and still no words from our other members...


07 December 2009:

So, finally MDashK was able to speak with ErikJS and Strikker in MSN and they're still on the group. ErikJS had already some made prototypes while Strikker installed Windows 7 and lost the software... So MDashK gave him the info to get the software back... We hope he does... Still no info about ErikJS prototypes...


10 July 2012:

Due to problems with the hosting at 4shared, all the MP3 files from MW got offline. So MDashK took this event to grab and reconstruct MixWaves to a new and enhanced visual and navigation sys.

From now on, all the music files will be stored at MediaFire, in a MixWaves dedicated account.

The website will remain stored at

So far, no news nor information regarding the other members.


12 August 2012:

Just got word with Strikker and due to personal reasons, he's stepping out of MixWaves. His section will continue to be available here on MW and the tracks will be available to download too. =)

Maybe someday we will return to MW, who knows, he will always be welcomed.



We stress that EVERYTHING in this site is LEGAL.



Here on MixWaves, you'll only find official files from MixWaves AND freeware stuff (example: flash games). EVERYTHING'S LEGAL.


Special Thanks To NiXx for the help in the images of the site.


And sorry for any typo errors...



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