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Belmont's Revenge - The A.S.T.
featuring: Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge




Album Info


The second album created by MDashK.

ST Mode. Means Single Track Mode.

The name says it all.

This album is COMPLETE and FINISHED.


To Download The Full Album in one RAR with Covers, access Here.


» means: One of the Best.





The Beginnings

"Opening" (Opening BGM).

Whip Ready!

"Start" (Press Start BGM).

These Walls...

"Castle" (Password BGM).

Way To Oblivion

"Journey To Chaos" (Select BGM).

» Miracle Journey

"Journey To Chaos" (Select BGM).

A Life Lost

BGM when player loses 1 life.

» The Devil's Orb Is Near

"Road of Enemy" (Before Boss BGM).

» Gods of Chaos

"Evil Gods" (Boss BGM).

Chaos Cleansed

"Stage Clear" (After Boss BGM).

The Map to Dracula

"Castle #2" (Stage Map BGM).

» Sin of Gods

"Original Sin" (Dracula's Castle First Half BGM). Bassed to the Xtreme.

Highest Royalty

"Passpied" (Dracula's Castle Second Half BGM).

» That Mystical Room

"Soleiyu's Room" (Soleiyu's Room BGM).

The Heart of Faith

"Faith" (Soleiyu Demo BGM).

The Phantasie of Chromatische

"Chromatische Phantasie" (Soleiyu Boss BGM).

» The Final Steps

"Road of Enemy #2" (Before the Final Boss BGM).

» The Final Whips

"Sons of Satan" (Final Boss BGM).

Satan's Sons R ReBorn

"Sons of Satan" (Final Boss BGM).

Hard To Kill

"Sons of Satan" (Final Boss BGM).

Belmont, Our Saviour

"All Clear" (After Final Boss BGM). BGM that plays when Dracula is defeated.

Together Again

"Union" (Story Finale BGM).

The Way Home

"The End Of The Day" (Credits BGM).

Dracula, My Lord

"Game Over" (Game Over BGM).

Crystal Glass Castle Arrangements - New Messiah

» CrystalGuitar


» Crystal Clear


» Crystal Beats


Messiah 2008


Crystal Spirits


Cloud Castle Arrangements - Praying Hands



» Voyaging Air


» Heavenly Hands


» Listening Clouds

This music is a remix of the arranged version VGM "Heavenly Hands".

Our Hands Praying In 2008

Techno style.

» Cloud Hands Praying Castle

The best one I've made so far. I think...

Plant Castle Arrangements - Ripe Seeds

» Growing Plants

I tried to keep the magic of the level in the music. Guess I made it.

Rock Castle Arrangements - Phyco Warrior / Psycho Warrior

» Rocks Above

Another one with the magic at full potential.



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