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Sonic Chaos Arrange Soundtrack


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An arranged soundtrack from one of my favorite games of all time, since I was a child.

If you loved Master System has much has I did, and enjoyed Sonic games in it, but never played this game, then it's a MUST HAVE for you.

This album is COMPLETE.


» means: One of the Best.





Sonic and Tails!

Featuring Title Screen/Press Start Button BGM.

Blue or Orange

Featuring Character Select BGM.

On My Way

Featuring Next Zone/Act BGM.

Running for the Turquoise

Featuring Turquoise Hill.


Featuring 1 Life Lost BGM.

Flying Shoes

Featuring Special Flying Shoes BGM.


Featuring Invincible BGM.


Featuring Sonic Got 100 Rings: Entering Special Stage BGM.

Emerald? Where?

Featuring Special Stage.

Got Chaos!

Featuring Sonic Got a Chaos Emerald BGM.


Featuring Act Cleared BGM.

Mechanical Beasts

Featuring Boss BGM.

Zone Freed

Featuring After Boss BGM.

» Giga Metro Polis

Featuring Gigalopolis.

» Springing Around

Featuring Sleeping Egg.

» Marble Faces

» Rock Hill

Featuring Mecha Green Hill.

Aqua Chord

Featuring Aqua Planet.

» Shocked Egg

Featuring Electric Egg.

» The Final Mech

Featuring Before Title Screen/Before Final Boss BGM.

Electro Danger

Featuring Final Boss BGM.

The End

Featuring The End BGM.

The Staff

Featuring Credits BGM.


Featuring Continue BGM.

What Happened?

Featuring Bad Ending BGM.

It's Over...

Featuring Game Over BGM.



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