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Sonic & Knuckles Collection Arrange Soundtrack
"Knuckles, Don't Tell Me You Where Fooled By Eggman Again!"


Album Info


So I decided to make a album with some Sonic & Knuckles Collection musics arranged.

This game was only released for PC, and featured several musics changed from the original Mega Drive / Genesis release.

Since these musics are only available in MIDI, I decided to convert them to something.... better... I hope.


This album is COMPLETE and FINISHED.


» means: One of the Best.


EXTRA - Play the game listening to the Soundtrack!


So you want to play the game listening to our soundtrack? Great!


Here's how:

1) Download the provided file below (RAR file, ~64MB)

2) Extract all the files of the RAR in the same folder of the game installation

3) Replace the existent files if needed


Keep in mind that the files MUST be extracted directly into the root folder of the game, the files must be in the same folder as the executable file of the game, and NOT inside a folder called, for example, "Sonic & Knuckles Collection MixWaves AST Add-On".


Download the "Sonic & Knuckles Collection MixWaves AST Add-On" RAR file Here!



Sonic The Hedgehog 3



» 1P or Competition - Sonic3

Title Music Arrange.

Power Intro - Sonic3

» Caribean Beach

File and Character Select Arrange.

Knuckles, The Red Echidona

Knuckles The Echidna featured BGM (S&K Coll. exclusive).

Spiky Gloves

» In The Middle Of Caribic Sea

Angel Island Zone Act1 Arrange.

Mix Island

» Act Clear!

Sonic Has Passed Act1 Arrange.

» Deep Inside Electro Jungle

Angel Island Zone Act2 Arrange.

Techno Island

» Blue, Not Red

Chaos Emerald Special Stage Arrange.

The Emeralds

Sonic Got a Chaos Emerald Arrange.

It's Eggman!

Boss (Eggman) Arrange.

The Bubbles Underwater

Hidrocity Zone Act1 Arrange.

Hurry Up!

Get Air BGM Arrange.

High Speed Aqua

Hidrocity Zone Act2 Arrange.

» Grassy Marble

Marble Garden Act1 Arrange.


1-Up BGM Arrange.

» Moving Ruins

Marble Garden Act2 Arrange.

» RollerCoaster and Balloons

Carnival Night Zone Act1 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).


Turning Machine Special Stage Arrange.

» Carnival Bay

Carnival Night Zone Act2 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).

» Ice View

Ice Cap Zone Act1 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).

» Mech Fight

Mini-Boss Arrange.


Ice Cap Zone Act2 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).

» Welcome to Base Launch

Launch Base Zone Act1 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).


Invincible / Super Sonic Arrange.

» The Way To The Base

Launch Base Zone Act2 Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).

Saved The Day

Sonic 3 Final Boss Defeated Arrange.

Staff 'n' Credits

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Credits and Staff Arrange (S&K Coll. exclusive).



Sonic & Knuckles



Lock-On Technology!

Title Music Arrange from Sonic & Knuckles / Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

» Tribal Methods

Knuckles The Echidna featured BGM in Sonic & Knuckles / S3K.

Giant Mushrooms

Mushroom Hill Act1 Arrange.

Catch The Bubbles

Bubbles Special Stage Arrange.

» The Brown Leaves

Mushroom Hill Act2 Arrange.

A Battery That Flies

Flying Battery Act1 Arrange.


Slot Machine Special Stage Arrange.

» Spinning Tubes

Flying Battery Act2 Arrange.

» Mirages

Sandopolis Act1 Arrange.

Another Chance

1-Up BGM Arrange.

» Watching You...

Sandopolis Act2 Arrange.

» Lava vs Diamonds

Lava Reef Act1 Arrange.

» Hyper

Invincible / Super Sonic / Hyper Sonic Arrange.

Purple Crystals

Lava Reef Act2 / Hidden Palace Zone Arrange.

» Sky Route

Sky Sanctuary Zone Arrange.

» The Flying Base Of The EggMan

Death Egg Zone Act1 Arrange.

» The Final Shocks

Death Egg Zone Act2 Arrange.

» Giant Fingers

Death Egg Final Boss Arrange.

» The Day of Doom

The Doomsday Zone Arrange.

S 'n' K Final Mix

Sonic & Knuckles / Sonic 3 & Knuckles Credits and Staff Arrange.

In The End...

Sonic & Knuckles After Credits BGM Arrange.


Game Over BGM Arrange.



Competition Mode (2P VS)



Setting The Competition

Competition Select Arrange.

You're On!

Azure Lake Zone Arrange.

Why Balloons...

Balloon Park Zone Arrange.

» Chroming The Gadget

Chrome Gadget Zone Arrange.

That Spring...

Desert Palace Zone Arrange.

» Oil

Endless Mine Zone Arrange.







Title Music Arrange from Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & Knuckles Lock-On.

All Together

Credits and Staff Arrange from Sonic 3. (Unused in S&K Coll.?)

» Sky Route Act2

Sky Sanctuary Zone Arrange Version 2.


Mini-Boss Version 2 Arrange.




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