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Sonic Advance 2 Arrange Soundtrack
GBA Does What Ninten... What?


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Arranged tunes from the second game that the blue hedgehog speeds in the GBA system.

Sonic Advance 2. For many, this is considered the best Sonic game for the GameBoy Advance.

I'm one of them.





Saving The Leafs

Featuring "Leaf Forest Act1"

Looping The Forest Leafs

Hills Won't Stop Me

Forest Air

Featuring "Leaf Forest Act2"

Running Around The Volcano

Featuring "Hot Crater Act1"

Crater Speed Way

Featuring "Hot Crater Act2"

Crater Speed Way (R.O.C.K. Version)

Melting The Shoes

Keyboards Bigger Than You

Featuring "Music Plant Act1"

Canyon Tranquility

Featuring "Sky Canyon Act1"

Cloudy Canyons

Sky Rocks

Featuring "Sky Canyon Act2"

High In Space

Featuring "Egg Utopia Act1"

Grinding In Space

Speeding Through Space

Scrambled Utopia

Featuring "Egg Utopia Act2"



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