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@ Wednesday, 24 June 2015

It's been around 2 years since I last updated the site. About time to update this a little and fix a few things that got messed up. So, for starters, some of the stuff is still unavailable, but I'll be uploading the missing downloads in the next days (hopefully). I'll update the pages once the files are back online. Also changed the banner images. Aside that, mostly everything is the same site-wide.

I hope everyone is still enjoying playing Daytona USA 2 on Supermodel emulator. A little tip: Use the keys 5 and 6 to enter the configuration menu of the "arcade", and change the settings to "100 Miles" or similar. Then, when selecting AT or MT after selecting the car, keep pressing START to enter in Time Lap Mode. Using Time Lap Mode in a "100 Miles" or similar mode, will let you navigate the track without opponents and without timer, a sort of free roaming around the tracks. Use this method to explore, view and discover the tracks of the game like never before. But be aware: you cannot go Reverse. The game won't let you. XD

02 Aug. 2015: The offline stuff of the Music and Sound section is now online.

@ Monday, 15 April 2013

First update of the year. =)
Nothing added. There's not really any news to post. Just posting to show that the site is still alive.
Has everyone been playing Daytona USA 2 using Supermodel 3? Indeed, this emulator is one of the best out there. If you're having some problems with the 0.2a version of the emulator, grab the 0.3a WIP version on the main boards of the emulator and you'll see right from the start a big difference in the performance of the game and emulator. I also advice to use the Supermodel UI GUI/FrontEnd with the emulator to make everything easier.
That's all for now!

@ Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Latelly, some of the links on the website had been offline due to a 4shared hosting problem. That is now FIXED. =D So everything is now again available to download. Sorry for taking so lonk to fix the issue. Also in the process, I detected some other errors and bad-links, so they're fixed now. =)
Hope you all have been signing the petition and visiting the forum! Let's bring the game home!
For now, that's all! With luck, the next update will be the news of the game announced to consoles! (thumbs up)

P.S.: The links to the ROM files of the game and the Daytona 2K1 release will remain offline until further notice. They may even never be available for download again. This is to avoid any legal problems with SEGA, and since we want the game on console systems and have a petition to it, it would be bad to keep sharing those files.

@ Friday, 08 June 2012

So here I am again, after some months without updating. =) No new stuff to add, until now!

First, I fixed a little something on the website. Some wrong information was posted in the Music and Sound section. Thanks to our fan Sestren NK, the info was corrected and removed. It turns out that the supposed DDR version of Skyscrapper Sequence wasn't official. The DDR version that was posted here was infact a StepMania MP3 file created by no other than Sestren NK himself. Years ago, when I grabbed the MP3 file, I really though that was a DDR official song, but instead, Sestren NK was making some songs to StepMania and I happened to download that, don't remember from where. Anyway, Sestren NK sent me an e-mail and explained to me the whole thing and was also kind enough to send me the files to post them here in the website. =) So now you can  play his music in StepMania! You'll find all the needed info in the section.
I also noticed that the booklet link of the OST was broken, fixed that.

We now have our own Forum! Feel free to visit, register and post there. Share your Daytona USA 2 best times, machine locations, how much you already spent in a machine, talk about the SuperModel3 emulator, and more! The link is in the Main menu.

Also, I took the liberty of creating a petition for SEGA to bring Daytona USA 2 (and other Model 3 games) to Home systems (XBLA and PSN). Everyone interested in having the game, should sign the petition, don't worry, it's free! =D Help us bringing Daytona USA 2 to play at home! The link to the petition is in the Main menu.

New added to the downloads section, is Daytona 2K1. It's a project I created some years ago, feel free to visit the page, read what's in it, and download the game. =D

Also changed the favicon of the website to something better. Maybe some more changes in the future. For now, that's all Daytona USA 2 fans, and I hope the website keeps bringing good stuff for everyone!

@ Monday, 12 March 2012

So here's the first (and probably only) update of 2012. It would be cool if SEGA released the game for New-Gen consoles. That would be motiv for update. XD But of course, this isn't the reason why I'm posting, right? =)
I've been into UltraStar Deluxe for some years now. For those who don't know, this is like SingStar for PC. You sing! =) And over the months, I started creating my own songs for the game. Of course, 4 of those songs are from Daytona USA 2. =P
Until now, only 1 of those songs had been available for download. You could (and still can) get it from MDK Releasez website and from UltraStar Base. So today, I decided to upload the remaining 3 songs and post all 4 in here. =)
So if you have UltraStar Deluxe, just head to the "Music and Sound" section of the site where you'll find those 4 songs available for download, just insert them in the "Songs" folder of USDX, open the prog, and sing! =D
Hope you all have been enjoying the SuperModel emulator! Don't forget to visit the main site for the latest updates of the emulator!
Let's keep hoping that SEGA releases Daytona USA 2 for the home-consoles.
That's all for now!

@ Friday, 11 November 2011

Well, there's been some months since I last updated the website. I must appologize for that, the time at hand isn't much and the will to do it it's not that big. So sorry. XD

Anyways, here's some news that some of you have been eager to read around here:
A NEW MODEL 3 EMULATOR IS OUT! Since April 1st of this year, a new (old) emulator called SUPERMODEL appeared in the internet. And this emulator, emulates Sega Model 3 like NEVER BEFORE SEEN. I inserted (old) in there because in fact, this emulator exists since years ago, but at the time, the project was cancelled. Some months ago, one of the authors of the emulator decided to start work on it again, and there you have it. =)

So head over to the ROMs section NOW and download the latest version of the emulator from it's official website. be shure to read the information on the section for some enlightning on how to run the emulator.

Also, a BIG SPECIAL THANKS to Scott for sending me the e-mail giving me the heads-up for this emulator.

In other news, the Daytona USA 2 Battle on the Edge ROM has been re-uploaded. The older one was a bad dump, and was replaced temporarily with a fix. Now the correct GOOD DUMP of the ROM is available to download. Also, don't forget the Power Edition version. =)
With this emulator, you can also play Scud Race, Sega Rally 2 and any other Model 3 ROM.

Heads-up! You'll need a very good graphics card and a very good CPU to run this baby @ proper FPS. Also, the Xbox 360 USB Game Controller IS Supported. =D
And Has SOUND!

Oh Yes! I almost forgot. For those who have Xbox360 with XBLA or a PS3 with PSN, can now obtain the Daytona USA original port of the model 2 game. =D I have it, I love it! You REALLY must buy it! You won't regret it. It's a perfect port of the Model 2 version of the game. Plus, it has extra content.
Now, we must wait for the Daytona USA 2 and Scud Race port. it's up to you, SEGA...

For now, that's all. I guess I won't be updating this up again for some time now. And THIS was already a LATE update... Sorry again. If something new comes up again, I'll update the website ASAP. But for now, see you again in a couple of months. Stay cool!

@ Thursday, 22 March 2011

Finally, after years of searching the web and trying to compile the lyrics of the game myself, thanks to Tempest, I got a hold of the scans of the Daytona USA 2 Official Guide and Official Booklet from the Official Soundtrack. =)
So now, the lyrics section is complete with the most correct lyrics for you to enjoy.
New images have been inserted in the Miscelaneous section.
Also in the Images section, a few ZIPs where added for download. A ZIP Compilation with all the Flyers of the game, the Sega Official Books: Daytona USA 2 Official Guide Scans, the Daytona USA 2 Official Booklet Scans and the Saturn Magazine Interview Scans.
The Original Soundtrack section was also slightly updated, where the links for the booklet and new lyrics where added.
Two new links where added in the Links section, the Contacts and About sections where also updated.
Special thanks to Tempest for this huge update. Check his homepage @ deviantart. =)
That's all for now. Don't expect new updates in the next months. If not everything, little is now missing here from the site. This site is the BIGGEST Daytona USA 2 content available on the Internet. Enjoy.

@ Saturday, 14 August 2010

This website is totally dedicated to the game Daytona USA 2, Battle On The Edge version and Power Edition version.

Bit of History...
Back in the days of 1998, SEGA AM2 released Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge in the arcades.
Using the powerful SEGA Model 3 Step 2.1 arcade system, which was later on partially used in the development of the Dreamcast system, the game was a immediate hit, with the most advanced graphics of the time, incredible sound and superb playability. One of the new features this game has that the original Daytona USA doesn't is the ability to select a car, each with varying capabilities for varying levels of player experience.

A few months after Battle on the Edge was released, SEGA released an upgraded version of the game, the Power Edition version. This version features slightly revamped handling physics, changed A.I. system to make the enemy cars drive more aggressively, the environment of the beginner course was changed, leaving the layout of the track itself intact and a new mode was incorporated, the "Challenge" course option, where you are able to play all the three courses linked together (Advanced -> Expert -> Beginner). Also, the beginner "Chum's Gum" car was replaced with the "J.C. Eagle" car, although the colors and performance remain the same. Another feature that was inserted in this version of the game, making a lot of fans very happy, was the inclusion of the "Hornet Classic" car! The car from the original Daytona USA, with a slightly changed and upgraded design.
"Hornet Classic" is ONLY available in Power Edition, NOT in Battle on the Edge.

Both versions of the game use advanced NASCAR-style drafting techniques, referred to by the game as the 'slingshot' ability.

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