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This page is here for historical purposes. To avoid legal issues, no links are available for download.

A couple of years ago, frustrated by the fact that Daytona USA 2 was not ported to Dreamcast has Scud Race should have been too, nor any other console, I decided to make a little project.
I grabbed Daytona USA 2001 from the Dreamcast and made a little MOD of it...

Mainly, I grabbed the game, and changed the BGM and SFX of the game to be those from Daytona USA 2. Unfortunatelly, I wasn't able to make any graphical changes to the game nor modeling, so this was all I could do.

Anyways, I decided to, after these years, post it online for download. =) So here it is.

Just download all the files, extract the BIN/CUE file starting from the first RAR, after that burn the BIN/CUE file with ImgBurn or CDR-Win to a CD. Select the CUE to burn, not the BIN. You can burn it at any speed. It's done. Put the CD in your Dreamcast, and play. =) The BIN/CUE is selfbootable.

Here's the NFO of the release:


Release: DC.Daytona.USA.2K1.USA.BIN-MDashK
Server: Offline
Files: NFO + Release oRARs
Size: 8x50MB + 1x17MB

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