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The project to build this site started Summer 2010. I just got a demo of a website creator program and decided to try it and give it a shot. I needed an idea of a site, so I decided to create a website dedicated to Daytona USA 2 since around the web there ain't much sites related solelly to the game.

The first prototype was started and a couple of sections where created to test the design and concept of the program and at the same time, the site itself.

In the end, turns out the program wasn't that good, and I decided to get back to good old FrontPage 2003.

So, I imported the content from the initial prototype to this version and continued production.

Also, I went around the web, searched for the few sites that had any information regarding Daytona USA 2, saved up all the info and content I found and started to create the whole site.

Basically, that's it. It's a fan website, totally dedicated to this marvelous game, that has almost every information available in the web related to this game. Hence the name Compendium.

A big special thanks to the site Kenshin's World of Daytona USA 2, without it most of the excelent content available in this website couldn't be possible.
Also, a big special thanks to Tempest from darkhedge.deviantart.com. He provided a lot of good info for the website, specially the Daytona USA 2 Guide.

This website was created by: MDashK from MixWaves.

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