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So you have a Daytona USA 2 arcade cabinet near your home and want to play it, the right way. No sweat.
Here's a basic starting line to the game so that you get ready for what you're going to play.

Battle on the Edge Title Screen   Power Edition Title Screen

First things first. Before inserting any coin, you can watch the demo anouncement of the game. In this demo, a small presentation of the game will be shown. The records present in the arcade machine will be announced and also a quick preview on how to do a slide with the car will be shown. This last information is CRUCIAL for starting players, since it shows how to do cornering correctly.
Here's the how to:

How To Correctly Powerslide The Car

Now that you know how to powerslide the car correctly, it's just a matter of practice until you reach perfection and control the car correctly, even in the hard mode. Moving on, after getting this brief demo, you ready. Just insert a coin or two. If the arcade is connected to other one in link mode, you'll have to wait a little time for other entries, but you can speed up this process by tapping the start button repeatedly.
Next, comes the course selection screen. Use the sterring wheel to highlight the course you want to play and step on the gas pedal to confirm the selection. Beginner, Advanced or Expert level course. In Power Edition, you'll also have the option of the Challenge level course. In this course, you'll play all three tracks linked together. Only one lap though.

Battle on the Edge Courses   Power Edition Courses

Now it's time to choose the car. Beginner, Normal or Hard level car. In Power Edition, you'll also have the option of the Hornet Classic car. Select the transmission type, Automatic (AT) or Manual (MT).

Car Selection Screen - Power Edition - Selecting Hornet Classic

Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

Now with the car on screen and the race starting, you can select your view mode with the view change buttons. These are called the VR modes. Created and used initially in the game Virtua Racing.
You can select four (4) different default views. There are three (3) additional views that you can also select. How? Secret!

The Various VRs of the game

During the starting race countdown, step on the brake pedal firmly deep down and control the gas pedal, keeping the REV meter around 7. Keep attention, and just after the announcer say GO, release the brake and you'll get a rocket start. Didn't make it? No problem! Next time, adjust the time between the GO and the release of the brake. Keep trying and you'll get it.

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