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Daytona USA 2
offers the players with a selection of 3 different cars, each one with its own style and characteristics. If you wanna win the races and master the 3 different tracks the game has to offer, you must choose your car wisely. To control your car correctly, is to control your way to victory. Here, you'll get all the information you need to be able to select the car that's made for your driving skills.

There are 3 cars: Easy, Normal and Hard Level car. In Power Edition, you also have the chance to select the Hornet Classic. The level of each car represents the required driving technique to correctly execute cornerings. If you're driving the Easy level car, there's a 90% probability that you won't need to drift in curves. Just release the gas pedal, steer the car to the direction of the curve, and basically you're done.
Of course, this does not goes without cons. The Easy level car cannot reach top speed as much as the Hard level car can. The same applies reversed. The Hard level car can outstand any other car in top speed. But cornering can be a real pain in the a** for any begginer that starts with this "little" beast.
You literally have to drift in every curve and corner, and you must do it right. Else, you'll end up in the walls and rails. To drift right, means to get top speeds easier, faster and to get best lap records.
Check out the Cornering section to learn how to correctly drift in the game.

As for the Hornet Classic car, the characteristics are not that general, since the car is the original Hornet from the Daytona USA. So consider this one has a challenge after you master all the other 3 cars.

So, before we get into the details of each car, here's a question that many of you must be wondering for a couple of minutes now: When should I shift gear? The answer to this question is pretty simple, since all the cars share the same gear ratio. Just shift up when you're reaching the maximum speed of the current gear. Here's a table with the info you need to know about this step:

114 KPH
7500 RPM
204 KPH
7500 RPM
294 KPH
7500 RPM

Also, always consider the track condition. When going up, keep the car at a lower gear to get higher torque, and vice versa.

So lets get to the car details. I've also included some screenshots showing the drifting technique of each car. The curve in question in the L-shaped corner of the Advanced course.
Also, keep in mind that the images of the cars here showed are the ones from the
Automatic Transmition (AT) gear mode.

Click on the image to get a better view of the screens.

Easy Level Car - Chums Gum Racing
Car Level
Max. Speed
AT: 323 Kph (201 Mph)
MT: 327 Kph (204 Mph)
0-300 Kph
Acceleration Time
Easy Level Car Cornering

Normal Level Car - Scorpio Plasma Racing
Car Level
Max. Speed
AT: 330 Kph (206 Mph)
MT: 333 Kph (208 Mph)
0-300 Kph
Acceleration Time
Normal Level Car Cornering

Hard Level Car - Phantom Racing
Car Level
Max. Speed
AT: 335 Kph (209 Mph)
MT: 340 Kph (212 Mph)
0-300 Kph
Acceleration Time
Hard Level Car Cornering

Special Level Car - Hornet Classic
Car Level
Special (Power Edition)
Max. Speed
AT: 315 Km/h
MT: 325 Km/h
0-300 Kph
Acceleration Time

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