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Castlevania Symphony of the Night Alternate Soundtrack
"The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Prevail Is For Good Men To Do Nothing."


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Instead of naming this one has Arranged Soundtrack, I prefered the term Alternate.

Because the Original soundtrack is simply AWESOME. No need to re-arrange.

So these are simply new alternate mixes.


BTW: For me, this game was only released for Playstation, Sega Saturn and Playstation Portable (PSP).

Simply because these are the only 3 versions available. The XBLA version, etc., etc., they're all emulators running the PSX version.





Dracula's Son (Chor. Version)

Featuring "Dracula's Castle".

Dracula's Son (Dance Version)

Dracula's Son (Metal Version)

Dracula's Son (Power Version)

The Darkness Inside

Through The A.R.T. Gallery

Featuring "Lost Paintings".

Icy Tears



Extra Track




This track is originally featured in the album Fairy.

It's an entirely new tune, created from scratch. Due to the fact that it's Castlevania oriented, I decided to include it here for quick-access.

It's a track that has a Dance beat in it and it's based in the original Symphony of the Night "Dracula's Castle". Enjoy. =)



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